My Huguenot roots


My Jamouneau ancestors were originally Huguenots from St Maixent in Poitou, who fled persecution, and arrived in Guernsey in the early 1700s. There are a number of important sources for researching French protestant refugees in both Poitou and Guernsey.

Sources in Poitou

The ancient French region of Poitou was an area particularly strong in French protestant worship. There are limited resources online (and mostly in French), but those that are can be found through the Poitou protestant pages, which is part of - a portal site for French protestant genealogy. More importantly the Maison du Protestantisme Poitevin in La Couarde is the centre for research into Huguenots from Poitou, and holds many unique resources on protestant families.

The region of Poitou relates to the modern French départements of Vendée (85), Deux-Sèvres (79) & Vienne (86). For general background on genealogy research in these areas - FranceGenWeb provides an excellent starting point.

Sources in Guernsey

The first port of call for researching Huguenots in Great Britain are the published volumes of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland, known as the Huguenot Society Quarto Series. However, they have not published any works relating to the Channel Islands. The closest to a definitive list for Guernsey was "Huguenot Names from Island Sources" by Spencer Carey Curtis published in the Transactions of La Société Guernesiaise of 1941 (reprints available from La Société).


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