My Jamouneau family


The first mention of the Jamouneau family in Guernsey was André Jamouneau and his wife, Louise Burgaud, Huguenot refugees who arrived in Guernsey in the early 1700s. They were originally from the town of St Maixent in the Poitou province of France, where their name was spelt Jamonneau, instead of the "ou" which remains the way it is spelt by descendents of the Guernsey branch. Victims of the notorious "dragonnades", they joined many persecuted French protestants who fled their homes between 1685 and 1700 to make the dangerous journey to freedom in the Channel Islands and further afield. For more details see Huguenots page.

As with many Huguenot families, they now have descendents around the world - which include Walter Corey Jamouneau (1912-1988) of Pennsylvania who designed the Piper Cub J-3 light aircraft; Joseph Jamouneau (1838-1893) - who left Guernsey for Australia in the Melbourne Gold Rush of 1853, and was one of the first settlers in Warracknabeal, Victoria where there is a street named after him; and Arthur James Jamouneau (1865-1927) - a composer and publisher of choral and organ music in Hull.

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