My Surnames


An alphabetical list of the surnames of families that I am actively researching - and links to where they are featured on this site ... the tree icon next to a name indicates that the surname page contains details of my family tree.
ADDERLEY Staffordshire
  BATISTE Guernsey
  BISSON Guernsey
  BURTON Monmouthshire
  CASTLE Pembrokeshire
  CORBET Guernsey
  DE PUTRON Guernsey
  EDMUNDS Monmouthshire
  FALLA Guernsey
  FALLAIZE Guernsey
  FOALE Devon

FOOTE Devon & Guernsey
  GALLIENNE Guernsey
  HAWKINS Dorset & Guernsey
  HOWELL Pembrokeshire
  JAMOUNEAU Poitou, France & Guernsey
  JOHNS Monmouthshire
  LE LACHEUR Guernsey
  LE PELLEY Guernsey
  LE TISSIER Guernsey
  MACHON Guernsey
  MARQUAND Guernsey
  MARQUIS Guernsey
  MARTEL Guernsey
  OZANNE Guernsey
  PRIAULX Guernsey
  RENOUF Guernsey
  QUERIPEL Guernsey
  SMITH Somerset
  STEER Devon & Guernsey
  TURBERVILLE Monmouthshire
  WAKEFORD Dorset/ Hampshire & Guernsey

Last update: 28 Mar 2005
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