My Family History Research interests


For me, family history has always been more about lives and stories than names and dates.  Researching my family history has stimulated more interest in our past than history as taught at school ever did. In the course of my research I have come across butchers, carpenters, shoemakers, sailors, shipbuilders, accountants, canal workers, teachers, criminals & refugees (as well as my fair share of agricultural labourers).

Here are some of the areas that I'm currently researching as background to my family history.
  Period Place Theme
  1681-1700 Poitou/ Guernsey Huguenots/ French Protestant refugees
  1700-1900 Guernsey Life in Guernsey in the 18th & 19th centuries
  1770-1920 Guernsey Methodists
  1780-1900 Guernsey Butchers & Meat Trade
  1820-1880 Guernsey Shipowners/ Sailors/ Maritime History
  1824-1899 Newport, Mon Shipbuilding/ Maritime History
  1825-1835 Staffordshire Construction of the Birmingham & Liverpool Junction Canal
  1839-1886 Costa Rica/ Guernsey William Le Lacheur & Coffee Trade
  1841-1856 Lantarnam, Mon Monmouthshire Canal
  1850-1899 Pembrokeshire Naval Dockyard, Pembroke Dock
  1860-1901 Wales Postal Telegraph Construction
  1875-1935 Guernsey "Guernsey as it used to be"
  1914-1919 France World War 1 (Guernsey regiments)
  1914-1919 East Africa World War 1 (King's African Rifles)
  1922-1947 Nyasaland Colonial Police Force

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