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The middle of the 19th century saw a dramatic increase in the number of Guernsey-registered sailing ships, and significant numbers of islanders chose a career at sea. Although extensive records of UK-registered ships, the voyages they made and the crews who served on them have survived - these collections are scattered amongst local record offices, the National Maritime Museum, the National Archives, but with the majority held in the Maritime History Archives in Newfoundland. Also there is no central index to help locate which ships individual seaman served on. This can make tracing the career of a seafaring ancestor very difficult.

The Guernsey Crew Lists index is a unique resource for helping to trace the careers of Guernsey merchant seamen.

About the Index

The index was started in 1999, when I had collected together a number of crew lists in the course of my own family history research. I decided to share these on the web in case they could help anyone else track down an elusive ancestor. Since, ten years on, I still have a number of significant holes in my own research, I appreciate how difficult it can be to make progress.

The index is a long way from being a complete index to the crew lists of all Guernsey-based ships, however, it is growing, and does contain over 3,000 entries spanning a period between 1837 and 1891.

For details of exactly which ships and voyages are included in the index, please see the About the Index page.

Search Tips

The search is intended to help you find your ancestor, therefore you must provide at least the first few letters of the family name. The search will produce up to 30 entries which match the details you have specified. The search looks for those letters in any part of the name, so "MARQ" will find "Le Marquand" as well as "Marquand" and "Marquis".

Frequently Asked Questions

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