Guernsey Butchers : Lamble


Francis and William LAMBLE of Chivelstone, Devon were brothers who settled in Guernsey. William appears to arrived first - around 1795. Francis came about five years later.

They both had recently married - Francis to Ann CRISPIN, and William to Rebecca GARDNER.

Francis and Ann CRISPIN were married in East Portlemouth, Devon in 1796. They first bought land in Guernsey in 1806. Francis' son, Francis junior, continued the trade when his father died. As well as a butchers stall, he invested in ships - owning a number with two other butchers.


Francis LAMBLE (1759 - 1837) married Ann CRISPIN

William LAMBLE (1764 - 1830) married Rebecca GARDNER (? - 1811)

(those in bold were butchers)

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