Guernsey Butchers : Hergault


Considering the proxmity of the islands to France, and the trade in cattle between the farmers in Normandy and butchers in Guernsey, it is surprising that more French butchers did not settle in the islands. Pierre Hergault seems to have been one of the exceptions, even though the period he spent in the island was rather brief.

Pierre first appears as a stall holder in 1851, where he has stall 2 in the French Halles. This was the original Meat Market, but when the new one opened in 1822, it was made available to French women for selling their fruit and vegetables. It was only when the new Meat Market ran out of space, that butchers overflowed into the old market. In 1853, Mme Hergault was reprimanded by the States Market Committee for subletting her stall to the French women for storing their merchandise - and only opening the butcher's shop once a month. Whether the family were only temporarily resident in the island is not clear, but the stall was withdrawn and reallocated to a butcher who would commit to opening it on a permanent basis.


Pierre HERGAULT ( 1815 - ? ) married Ortense ? ( 1810 - ? )

(people in bold were butchers)

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