Guernsey Butchers : Gérard


The Gérard family are a bit of a mystery. Aimable Asselin was the daughter of a sailor, Theodore, from Cherbourg who was living in Guernsey in 1827. She married Louis François Gérard, birthplace unknown, in Notre Dame Roman Catholic Church in St Peter Port in 1844. They had at least three children, but he died in about 1852, and Aimable married another Frenchman, also called Louis François Gérard in 1852.

Louis François II was refused a butcher's license in 1868, but two of Aimable's sons by her first marriage became butchers - Hippolyte and François.

Hippolyte was the more successful, frequently winning prizes for his cattle at the Fat Cattle Shows in the 1880s, and his son Hippolyte François continued the family business.


Louis François Gérard ( 1827 - ?1852 ) m Aimable ASSELIN ( 1827 - ?1881 )

(people in bold were butchers)

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