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The Chilcott family originated from Melplash in Dorset. George William Chilcott. Following a family tragedy, George Chilcott returned to England with his four sons. Robert Edgar Chilcott returned to Guernsey in 1884 aged 16 years and obtained employment with William Foote in his butchers' shop were he worked for about four years. He then gained employment with Samuel Best in the Meat Market with whom he was employed untill he married Ellen Julia Moore in 1895.

At the time of the marriage Samuel Best allowed Robert Edgar Chilcott to rent the stall adjacent to his own and this was the commencement of the Chilcott family meat business in 1895. Chilcott & Sons flourished and by the 1940s owned two large farms, a dairy, as well as retail and wholesale butchers businesses. All four of Robert Edgar's children were involved in the family business. This was carried on by two of the following generation - the best known of which is still alive and well, and is better known as Deputy Bob Chilcott.

Between 1970 and 1998, the Chilcott family have been in partnership with the Best family through Best Foods - which still exists in Guernsey today, although was sold by the family in 1998.


George William CHILCOTT (1831-?) married Emily HARRIS

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