Guernsey Butchers : Aldridge


William Aldridge was a Hotel Keeper from Gloucester who ran the Cobo Hotel on the west coast of Guernsey. He married Elizabeth Ann Gardner, the daughter of Guernsey butchers Albert Gardner and Mary née Hawker, who continued to trade as a butcher in the Meat Market after their marriage. Their son, Thomas, continued in the meat trade.

In 1888, Elizabeth Aldridge was one of seven butchers reprimanded by the States Market Committee for carrying on her trade at stall 16 'under the erroneous impression that they had obtained their shops and licenses by inheritance'. She duly applied for, and was granted, a license in October of that year.

Their son, Thomas, married Kate Gardner, a second cousin from the same Gardner family of Guernsey butchers.


William ALDRIDGE ( 1839 - ?1881 ) m Elizabeth Ann GARDNER ( 1844 - ? )

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